Which food is right for my dog, and where do I get it?


I have a 2yo lab, field lines, who is highly active and difficult to keep weight on. However, when we had her on a high calorie high protein diet (Evo/Orijen) she had urinary problems and our vet recommended we not go much over 30% protein (if at all) and stick with a low ash product. Which of your formulas would you recommend? My second question is sort of rhetorical- I live in Ohio (Dayton) but am having trouble location your product line, which is ironic given it is made here 🙂 Do you have any plans to expand your market? Thank you.



I think the Pursuit would do your dog well. 93% of the proteins are from animal sources and animal proteins tend to drive a lower urinary pH. Low urinary pH is not conducive for most bacteria to live and thrive in, so it may help. If your dog has crystal issues, that is a different story.

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Timothy A. Hunt, DVM