Pet Food FAQs

Checkout and Store Policies

Do you offer samples?

At this time, we don’t offer samples. 

I received a coupon code; how do I use it?

It’s easy! If you are using a desktop computer, once you reach the checkout page, the order summary has a discount code box; type the code in and click APPLY to see your discount.  If you are on a mobile phone, once you reach checkout and enter your shipping information, click “Show Order Summary” to expand the discount code box, enter your code and click APPLY. If you receive an error notice, your code may not be applicable.

I forgot to enter the discount code after I checked out, what do I do? 

If you forgot to enter the discount code, you can contact us and we can issue a credit for your discount amount to your credit card if you've already submitted your order. 

What forms of payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, along with Apple Pay and PayPal.  Each individual option is listed for you to choose at Checkout.  At this time, we cannot accept PayPal for payments on Autoship subscriptions.

Can I cancel my order?

Our order fulfillment process is automated to ensure your products arrive quickly and safely. Once an order is confirmed, we cannot guarantee a cancellation after it has processed.  Please contact us for order return inquiries. Our full Shipping & Return Policy is listed here.

What if there are shipping delays?

To help prevent delays at home, we recommend you plan for your order to arrive 1-2 weeks before you run out of kibble.  Orders typically deliver within 2-6 business days once shipped; however, occasional delays do happen with shipping companies.  National holidays can also affect delivery schedules, so please plan ahead.

What if my pet doesn’t like the product(s)?

We’re confident your dog or cat will love Dr. Tim’s!  We recommend you start with a small 4 or 5 lb bag for new customers interested in a taste test before buying a larger amount or multiple bags and to avoid a return fee.  We’re here to help!  Contact us with any questions or concerns.

How does your money back guarantee work?

If you are not satisfied with your Dr. Tim’s product, you can reach out to the authorized retailer for a refund or exchange.  If you purchased directly from, please email and we will work with you on a resolution.

Food, Ingredients, and Nutrition

Where are your foods made?

Our foods are made in Kansas at Alphia Foods.

Have you ever had any recalls?

Dr. Tim’s has never had a recall.  Our manufacturer meets or exceeds strict FDA, AAFCO and USDA standards and we opt for additional testing to ensure we provide a safe product for your pet and are transparent about our process.

How do I know which formula to choose for my dog?

Our formulas were built around the principal of the lifestyle of the dog - what does the dog do for a living. Depending on your dog’s age and activity level, our foods are split into 4 main categories – Casual, Active, Extreme Athlete and Weight Loss.  We do offer a few grain-free options as well within most categories.  Within each category there are some slight differences between each food, but for the most part personal preference will determine your purchase decision. You can always contact us with info about your pet and we can let you know which formula we recommend.

Why do your products sometimes vary in size, shape, color, texture or aroma?

From time to time, you may notice a difference in how our products may look.  This is a function of the manufacturing process and use of natural ingredients.  Even though the product may look slightly different, its nutritional value, palatability and safety does not change.  We run a series of tests on each batch of food we make to ensure we are providing a high quality kibble for your dog or cat that is exactly what we say it is.

How does Dr. Tim’s assure its consumers that its food is safe?

We do quality control at multiple stages of production and various tests including salmonella, amino acid profile, and taurine testing. To date we have never had a recall and our manufacturer adheres to strict quality control measures.

Do I need to supplement with additional vitamins or minerals?

No.  Other supplements, such as glucosamine or chondroitin, can be added according to your pet’s individual needs. We recommend you consult with your veterinarian on your pet(s) individual needs.

Why isn’t your kibble cheaper than some of your competitors?

At Dr. Tim’s, we source high quality ingredients for our products.  There are multiple grades of ingredients and we choose high grade, high quality ingredients, and for that reason and that reason only you may notice our foods are more costly than some others.  We do not use fillers or cheap ingredients, nor do we craft a kibble based on commodity pricing. We are a family owned business with a focus on honest, nutritionally sound products, and the health and longevity of your pet. We work hard to feed your pet and take pride in doing so.  

How can I find out more about the ingredients you use in your products and where they are sourced? 

Our Ingredients page has information about each individual ingredient, its function and from where it’s sourced. 

Why do you use meat meal instead of raw meat?

A meal-type product has a much higher percentage of protein than a raw meat inclusion as it has already been dried.

What is a BC30 probiotic?

This beneficial probiotic bacterium is included to help promote a healthy gut microbiome.  Our prebiotics and probiotics are tested through the whole extrusion process to ensure they are still live after the food is produced. Not all companies go through this extra test to ensure viability!

Are Dr. Tim’s formulas AAFCO approved?

Dr. Tim’s pet foods meet and exceed AAFCO’s minimum standards for canine and feline nutrition.


How should I transition my dog or cat to Dr. Tim’s?

When switching from another brand of pet food to Dr. Tim’s, we recommend doing it gradually over a period of 5-10 days, at the most.  Please refer to our feeding transition guide for more information.

Do I need to transition my dog or cat when switching between Dr. Tim’s formulas? 

If you are already feeding another Dr. Tim’s formula, there is no need to switch foods over a 5-10 day window, but a mix for several days is still recommended.

I switched my dog over to Dr. Tim’s, and they are having diarrhea. What should I do?

When a pet owner switches to a more nutrient-rich kibble, they are used to feeding a certain amount and often continue with that same amount.  For example, Dr. Tim’s recommendation for a 40 lb dog is 1.75 cups, but Brand A recommends 2.75 cups for the same size dog.  The amount required to feed your pet per our feeding instructions is often less than what you were feeding, and diarrhea is a sign of feeding too much.  Try reducing the amount you are feeding by 1/3 cup and give it a day or two and you should see a firmer stool.  If you are still continuing to see diarrhea, please reach out to your veterinarian for advice.


I received my food in a foil bag; is it still an authentic Dr. Tim’s product?

A few of our formulas remain in a foil bag at this time – Kinesis Senior and Kinesis Puppy. 

Why are some foil bags I receive vacuum packed, and others not?

There are valves on the front of the bag which are designed to let air out, but not in. After it is filled, they are stacked on pallets and bags on the bottom of the pallet tend to let more air out of the valve due to the weight on top.  Other factors that might affect this are changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure, which will cause the valve to release a little more air, causing the bag to take on a vacuum sealed appearance.

Why are there micro-perforations on the side of the bag?  

Our newly designed bag has small micro-perforations along the side gusset to allow air to escape but not enter, but small enough to keep insects out of the bag.

How should I store Dr. Tim’s pet food?

We recommend keeping your dog food in our bag, even if you are putting it in a plastic storage container.  This reduces the risk of contaminants. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep the air in the bag at a minimum, so use the closure seal that is either built into the bag or a bag clip.

Once I open the bag, how long will it stay fresh?

We recommend using up the food within 6-8 weeks.  You can extend the freshness by placing in a dry, airtight container. It is recommended to keep the food in the original bag, and place the bag in the container. Keeping it in a cool place or even freezing it can extend the life of a dry food as well, FYI.

Are your bags recyclable?

Not at this time. We are hoping to find a solution for this in the future.


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