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0 Lead Poisoning and your Pet
Posted on 02.10.2016

Lead poisoning in your pet. Uncommon but it can happen.
Although the highest number of lead poisoning cases are seen during the warmer months of the year, there are a wide variety of sources of lead. Older buildings and homes are common sources of lead poisonings, as they can be riddled with lead dust or chips from lead paint. Lead was allowed to be in paint until 1978. This is a rarely seen condition at our hospital but always on the list when certain symptoms are exhibited by animals that are presented ill.dog_lead_FB read more

0 “Reign” scores 3 perfect rounds and wins Obedience Trial
Posted on 02.09.2016

More news on the Team Momentum front, this time from Victory Hulett and her dog, “Reign” from the Obedience Trial Competition circuit;
“I am happy to report, on January 23 & 24, 2016, Reign brought home three perfect scores and a forth at 199 out of 200 as she competed at MADTA Obedience Trial in Ocala Fl. Dr. Tim’s Momentum continues to be the only food to support Reigns strength of mind and body.”
Thank you Dr Timreignupdatefeb2016 read more

0 Yukon Quest has started-Go Brett Sass-How to track it Live
Posted on 02.09.2016

Early stages of the 1000 mile Yukon Quest but our own Brent Sass is leading the pack.
You can track it live through this link;…/current-standings/live-trackingbrentsassstart2016YQ

Good luck to defending Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race 2015 winner and Team Momentum member Brent Sass of Eureka, Alaska. He will be leaving the chute today with his team of 14 Huskies to defend his title in this 1,000 mile marathon.

0 Superbowl ad and Dr. Tim’s? You bet!
Posted on 02.09.2016

Who said Dr. Tim’s couldn’t afford an ad at halftime during the Superbowl 50? Well, we can’t but we did.
Halftime commercial featuring Team Momentum’s Aaron Burmeister that was broadcast in Alaska. Look at that sled bag and you will see the orange Momentum/Dr. Tim’s logo plus that awesome kibble on the snow. Product placement.
Sit on that, Budweiser ponies.DrTim_logo_white_website read more

0 “Ridge” and Mike Christman take First Place at Ski Jour Nationals
Posted on 02.09.2016

Congratulations to Team Momentum’s Mike Christman and “Ridge” for taking 1st place in the One Dog National Ski Jour Championships held this past weekend at the Loppet Ski Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota.mikeridgefirstoplace read more

0 Secondary Poisonings of your Dog can Occur
Posted on 01.28.2016

Below is a link to a story about a herding dog that got intoxicated (poisoned) by ivermectin inadvertently through eating feces from sheep. The sheep had been recently dewormed with ivermectin and this dog could not handle the large amount of ivermectin still present in the stool. The dog survived but the lesson here is secondary poisonings can occur, such as this. One common way we see it here at the hospital is rat poison that is intended for mice or squirrels then the dog eats the dead rodent he/she finds and then succumbs to the same toxin that took out the mouse.aussie read more

0 Congratulations to “Ridge” and Mike Christman on Animoosh Skijour Victory!
Posted on 01.25.2016

Congratulations to Team Momentum’s Mike Christman and “Ridge” for claiming first place in this weekends “Animoosh” Ski Jour Race held in Marquette, Michigan. The race was in part sponsored by Dr. Tim’s.animooshmikefirst

0 Heimlich Maneuver for your Dog
Posted on 01.06.2016


0 Active dogs and puppies can benefit from high-protein diets—it’s all about finding the right fit for each pet.
Posted on 01.05.2016

Dog Marketplace: Feed The Growing Need

Active dogs and puppies can benefit from high-protein diets—it’s all about finding the right fit for each pet.

By Lizett Bond

The old adage “You are what you eat” rings true not only in our own diets, but also in the food selections made for our pets. Yet protein requirements are an often misunderstood and controversial aspect of canine nutrition. Most agree, however, that the ancestors of our domestic dogs consumed meat and fish seasoned with small amounts of fruit and grasses. zeus read more

0 Why does my dog urinate in the house, Doc?
Posted on 01.04.2016

A question I get often; “My dog is peeing in the house and I don’t know why.”
Let’s look at why that canine pal of yours might just be confused as to where he/she should be urinating.itchy-dog-2 read more