Soon to be available; the new Ancient Grain Diets


The Heirloom Ancient Grain based diets with raw chicken and raw fish that will soon be available at along with other locations later in the year. Why ancient grains? These are plant sources that offer novel proteins that most dogs have never eaten before thus for food allergies this just might be a great food to feed. Not only that but 4 varieties (Spelt, Quinoa, Millet and Chia seeds) of ancient grains to boot. Same grain that was eaten thousands of years ago in Europe or Central and South America so no GMO’s; they have not been genetically modified. Mix in all …

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Dr. Tim Keynote Speaker at the Pet Food Forum Research and Development Conferance

Dr. Tim was the keynote speaker at the recent Petfood Research and Development Showcase that was held at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. The topic was “Real nutrition for real working dogs; finding the right source of energy.”

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Kosuke Hirai and “Jake” take first place at USDDN World Championships

Congratulations to Kosuke Hirai of Japan for his recent first place performance at the United States Disc Dog World Championships held outside Atlanta, Georgia last weekend. 2017 USDDN World Champion Kosuke Hirai &”Jake”, Runner up Lucka Plevová & “Megan” and 3rd place Tracy Custer

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“Big Hoss” takes First Place in Field Trial


“Big Hoss” wins the Labrador Retriever Club Amateur field trial competition held in Onoway, Michigan Sept 17th. Congratulations Bill Tidd and “B.H.”!

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Tidd takes First again in Field Trial


Congratulations to Bill Tidd of Michigan and his dogs “Blue” and “Big Hoss’ to their wins and second place finishes in recent MCKC field trials here in the midwest! Glacier fed beasts.

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Dr. Tim’s donates 6 EKG units to Iditarod

Pictured is a EKG device you can fit to your smartphone, it is called an AliveCor. Boy have things advanced. We donated 6 of these to the Iditarod this year, 2017, to use throughout the race to help the veterinarians in their duties. Heart monitoring is an important part of veterinary care during the race.

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“Reign” and Victory Hulett win big in Obedience

This past weekend, June 25th,  Team Momentum’s Victory Hulett and her Border Collie “Reign” earned their 50th perfect score and 1st place at the 4Paw Regional Qualifier in Georgia. This win ensures them a placement for the 2018 AKC National Obedience Championship. Reign has eaten Momentum most of his life. His owner/Handler Victory Hulett believes it has played a major part in his endurance and success in the sport of Obedience. Congratulations “Reign” and Victory!!

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Gorilla Glue and your pet

Today’s topic; Gorilla Glue. Pictured is what happens when a dog eats Gorilla Glue. This is a glue that is used to fix broken stuff in the house. When eaten it expands in the stomach and can be life threatening as sometimes it can be very difficult to get out as it can fill the entire stomach up. This dog got into it in March and has been eating but occasionally throwing up since then. Owner did not realize what had happened, not their fault at all. Dogs are tough just not always real smart when it comes to what …

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Fireworks and thunderstorms plus pet

It’s the day of fireworks, July 4th, and many frightened dogs. What to do. So, pictured here is a simple method that helps some dogs out; the half wrap. This can be made easily with fabric from around the house and what is similar to the idea of a a thundershirt that you can purchase. Somehow this will calm a dog down -the hugging factor is what I call it.

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