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Dr. Tim's Premium All Natural Pet Food lines have been formulated as a complete wholesome meal for your pet, whether they prefer to scale the couch or scale Mount Everest. The highest quality, low ash protein ingredients, along with the right blend of carbohydrates, fats and fibers allow your animal to lead a hale and hearty life.


As a veterinarian and accomplished musher, Dr. Tim Hunt understood his dogs’ need for a food that promoted stamina, endurance and performance through proper digestion; a food that just made them feel good.


Armed with a cement mixer, a cache of ideas, and an aversion for other kibbled diets on the market, Tim took to his garage in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It was there that he set out to formulate a food that replicated a natural, wild diet for his Alaskan Huskies.


Dr. Tim’s focus has since expanded from his original backyard setup to bring an honest, nutritionally sound food – sourced only from the highest quality ingredients – to every dog.

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