Autoship FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Autoship program allows you to have your pet food delivered right to your door on a regular basis, without hassle. You select the products you need and frequency of your shipment, and we ship it out. It is easy to manage and customizable to your needs. The Autoship program is subject to our Autoship Terms and Conditions.

How do I join Autoship?

There is no fee for membership, and you will save 6% by signing up for Autoship deliveries. On each individual product page, select the “Subscribe & Save” option, and select the interval of your choosing (1-12 weeks). The frequency can always be adjusted after a subscription is established. When you are finished shopping, click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner to complete your order.

If I place a new order, does it ship immediately or at a scheduled time?

Your items will be processed for shipping immediately for your initial order, and future orders will be processed and shipped according to your chosen order frequency.

Is it OK if some products in my cart are not Autoship?

Absolutely! Autoship orders can be shipped with single purchases.  If you would like to add any products to an upcoming Autoship order for a single purchase, contact us and we’ll be happy to add that to your order for you.

How do I change my Autoship order?

To change the delivery date, quantity ordered, or swap product(s), login to your online account and update the order.  

How do I know when my next Autoship order is scheduled to process?

Our system will send a reminder email ~5 days prior to your next order processing. Your email service may send this to SPAM/JUNK, be sure to mark us as a safe sender.  You can also log in to your online account at any time to view your upcoming orders, view order history and more.

I forgot to enter a coupon code. Should I cancel my order?

No, you don’t need to cancel your order.  Reach out to us using the contact form and let us know your order number and coupon code and we can apply a credit to your payment method used on the order.

I can’t get logged in to my online account.  The system is saying my email address doesn’t exist.

This occurs when the account setup isn’t complete.  Visit the Create Account tab in the upper right area of the menu to set up your account.  You will need to use the email address used to place your order.

I forgot my password.  Help!

Visit the Login page and click "Forgot your password" and type in your email address to request the link to choose a new password.

Where do I find my Autoship account?

Once you are logged in, scroll towards the bottom of the page, and you will see a “Manage Autoship Subscription” link. Click to access the Autoship portion of your account.

Can I adjust my Autoship date once I place my first order?

Yes! You may adjust your frequency and/or upcoming order date up until the order processes.  You will get an email 5 days prior to your next order processing as a reminder.

Can I set my Autoship to a specific number of days instead of weeks?

We will have to make that adjustment for you. Reach out to us via the contact form and let us know the interval you are requesting. If you have multiple subscriptions, please let us know which one(s) specifically you would like updated.

How do I make changes to my Autoship order?

Subject to our Autoship terms and conditions, you can change your upcoming order date, skip an order, change your order frequency, update your payment method, pause subscription, or cancel enrollment by visiting the Autoship portion of your account.  Changes to an order must be made prior to your order processing, which is no later than 1 am EST daily.  Once your order has been processed and an email confirmation has been sent, we cannot guarantee any changes will be accepted.   To make the following changes, login to your account and go to the “Manage Autoship Subscription” link to access the Autoship portion of your account.

Change next order date:

Click “Edit Future Order” under the applicable Autoship order, click the order date to activate the calendar popup, choose your new order date, and click “Save Changes”.

Skip an order:

Click “Manage upcoming orders” under the applicable Autoship order, and click “skip shipment”. If you need to resume a skipped order, simply click “Resume order”.

Change your order frequency:

Click “Change frequency” on the Autoship summary page, choose your new interval, and click “Save”. NOTE: Changing the frequency does NOT automatically update your upcoming order, so be sure to confirm your next order date based on your pet’s needs.

Update your payment method:

Click “Payment information” under the Autoship summary, click “Change Payment Information”. An email will be sent with a secure link to change the payment information. Please follow on screen directions in the email. May need to check SPAM / JUNK folders in that email address on file. 

Update your shipping address:

Click “Address and shipping information” under the applicable Autoship summary, click “Edit”, enter the new address, and click “Save Changes.”

Pause subscription:

Click “Edit future order” under the Autoship summary and toggle "Pause Future orders" and click "Save Changes". Once you are ready to resume, log back in and click “Reactivate Subscription”.

Cancel Autoship enrollment:

Under the Autoship Summary, click “Cancel Subscription”, choose a cancellation reason (choosing “Other” will allow you to share any feedback with us), and when finished click “Cancel Subscription” twice. You will be asked to confirm a second time if you’d like to cancel.

Add to Autoship order:

Our system does have limitations to add to your existing order. If you would like to add any additional products such as freeze-dried treats or joint supplements, please contact us and let us know what you would like to add, the quantity, and if you want these just for the next order or ongoing.

How does billing work?

Your credit card is stored on our encrypted payment processor and charged each time your Autoship order is processed on the current set order frequency.  At this time, we accept all major credit or debit cards for Autoship orders. PayPal cannot be used for Autoship orders.

I received too much product.  Will it go bad?

Opened bags of food should be kept air tight and consumed within 6 weeks.  Unopened bags of food should be stored in a cool, dry area until ready for use and are good until the expiration date printed on the back.  You can also freeze dog food to extend its shelf life!

How much is shipping on my Autoship order?

Orders over $49 qualify for FREE SHIPPING!  If your order total is below $49, shipping is a flat rate charge of $10.00.

What if my credit card is declined? 

If your credit card is declined, you will be notified that your Autoship payment has failed via email and you will need to update your information.  Once your payment information has been corrected, your Autoship will be processed the next business day. If you need this order to ship the same day, please contact us.  

Will I receive an email when my next Autoship order is shipped?

Yes!  An order confirmation email is sent every time an order is processed. You will also receive an email with tracking information once available.

Who will deliver my Autoship order?

We strive to get our products quickly and safely to your doorstep.  We ship UPS, FedEx and USPS to our customers. The average delivery window is 2-4 days.

I input the wrong shipping address and confirmed my order; how do I update?

Be sure to contact right away.  Our warehouse is very fast to fulfill, so we want to ensure your package gets delivered to the right address. 

My Autoship was cancelled; how do I reactivate?

Reach out to us via the contact form and let us know you want to reactivate your Autoship.

I changed my mind and would like to return my order.

If you need to request a return, please visit our Shipping & Returns Policy page for instructions.


Still have more questions? Contact us!