The immune system and the gastrointestinal tract

The immune system. Many consider the starting point of a healthy immune system the gastrointestinal tract and we look at it the same way.

A healthy GI tract starts with proper digestion and proper reaction of the cells that line the gastrointestinal tract to a potential pathogen, or a undesirable invader. This pathogen could be a virus, bacteria or parasite, for instance. Typically, the cells that line the GI tract react in a way to defend themselves similar to setting off a grenade to kill the invader. In doing so, they do destroy that one invader but leave a hole in the cell lining that can lead to seepage into the body of additional undesirables. Make sense?

So, how do we try to slow this reaction? We use porcine plasma in our diets that actually will help to modify this reaction to more of a “rifled shot” approach to killing this undesirable invader, thus leaving the cell lining still complete after this reaction. Blood plasma in the diet is truly amazing product that has been demonstrated to work in over 100 studies, so it is not just anecdotal here say.

Numerous studies have shown this plasma protein product to display the above mentioned abilities plus much greater feed efficiency in other animals, meaning food is better digested in its presence.

All of Dr. Tim’s products have porcine plasma in their formulas.