The fat cat - why it happens

Does your cat look like he might be a few pounds too big these days? How he/she got that way is the question of the day.

So, cats get fat because: 1. They get fixed (not that they were broken) 2. They live indoors more these days 3. They eat a lot of food that has tons of carbohydrates. 4. The level of protein in their food is too low, plus it is not animal-based. 5. We have placed our eating schedule onto them - that is, 2-3 meals a day, versus a browsing- type schedule which they do in nature. Ever see a fat barn cat?

So, what to do?

Feed as low a carbohydrate food as possible. The best way I have found to get a cat to lose weight, period, is to go to an all canned food diet. No dry at all. We can average 1-2 pounds a month off a cat with that method, and the cats are often very content and non demanding.

If canned isn’t your cup of tea, chose a dry food you can afford that has the least carbohydrates present, higher protein levels (with most of the amino acids being animal derived), plus one that has L-carnitine in it to help promote fat metabolism.

And exercise. Laser pointer, catnip mice, whatever it takes to get them moving around.

Watch how lively they get once the pounds start dropping off.