Stepped in a puddle of urine lately?

Stepping in a puddle of urine in the house...purposeful, or just can’t hold it? Here are a few reasons why this might be happening that are important to know.

A dog or a cat with a urinary tract infection often will have urgency and start to urinate in the house. Usually this is evidenced by small amounts of urine on horizontal surfaces versus vertical surfaces. An animal urinating on something vertical is often marking, as if leaving a sign designating their turf or territory. This is important to distinguish, as they are completely different paths we would take to treat.

Another reason a dog or cat may urinate on the floor can be related to a disease condition causing them to drink more water, thus having to go frequently out of fullness, instead of the urgency an infection may cause. Different disease processes such as diabetes, liver or kidney conditions, bladder stones or crystals are just a few examples. 

a dog and dog man

 Dogs can also have urinary incontinence issues: primarily, older spayed females. This would be evidenced by finding a spot of urine where they slept or laid down.

How to diagnose the underlying issues are best left to the veterinarian. A urine sample is the place to start and then more diagnostics might be indicated such as an ultrasound, radiographs or blood work.

So, the next time you step in a puddle in your socks, don’t just think your dog did it just to get you “pissed” off. Maybe there is a problem that needs some professional help to clear it up.