Reign, the Obedience Champion Border Collie

"A happy border collie named Reign is the youngest dog to compete in the National Obedience Championship last year and the current number one border collie in the country.

Reign began showing at 16 months old, earning his "Novice Title" with a near  perfect score of 199.

Reign's accomplishments including earning his OTCH title at 22 months old, and 5  perfect scores of 200.

He was the youngest dog to compete in the 2012 National Obedience Competition  in Orlando Florida and he is the number one border collie going to the 2013  National Obedience Championship.

And he is on Dr. Tim’s…

Reign is a high-energy Performance Obedience dog working 4 hours a day, so he needed a high protein food to maintain this level of work.

We tried all of the top dog food brands but none set well with his stomach until Dr. Tim’s.

I could not give a higher referral for this food . . . It’s great and Reign has done very well on it."

Victory H.