Kinesis Grain Free-a different formula than the rest

Why is Dr. Tim’s Kinesis Grain Free different than the rest on the market? Let’s compare a few things. Look at the amount of omega 3 fatty acids sourced from fish versus plant origin, for instance. Nearly all of the 0.98% Omega 3 fatty acids in Kinesis Grain Free originates from ocean fish, specifically menhaden oil. Omega 3 fatty acids from plants work a completely different route in animals than does their marine fish based counterpart. Marine fish oil exerts a much greater anti-inflammatory effect as compared to plant origin omega 3’s. Also, our protein is 84% derived from animal sources, thus meaning we are not loading our foods up with plant based amino acids. Dogs flourish on animal based products. The multiple non grain based starch sources allow for less of each and less chance for a gassy pet. Finally, our overall carbohydrate amount is lower than most of the other brands on the market, a key point in the health of a dog.