Is your dog food good for a diabetic dog?


Is your dog food good for a diabetic dog? I had him on w/d and he won’t eat it…therefore no insulin shot. I Need something good and healthy that he will eat, and doesn’t have to be a prescription dog food. Thanks.

P.S.why doesn’t dog food mfgs. made diabetic dog food…there is a big market for that.



I am a firm believer that the lower the carbohydrates in food, the better for any diabetic, be it a dog or cat. I can make huge improvements with the regulation of a dog or cat when I get the carbs down as low as possible and this usually will mean a food meant for an active animal. Sounds silly, but this is the way to go. Most vets are stuck in the rut of using high fiber foods to regulate a dog/cat but ultimately those diets are very high in carbs, thus more difficult to regulate. For a dog, I would use either the Pursuit or Momentum and the Chase cat food is very good for the diabetic cat. All are higher calorie foods, so you don’t need to feed too much.

Thanks and good luck with that little monster.

Timothy A. Hunt, DVM