Happy Labrador owner gives praises for Pursuit

This truly is an amazing dog food. I have fed quality foods in the past and I really feel this is the best of them all. I really spend a lot of time on dog food nutrition and I like knowing what each and every ingredient is. Dr. Tim's has given my girls an awesome shine on their coats, lots of all day energy, plus firm stools. Both dogs go twice a day. It must taste good to them because one of my girls is kind of a picky eater and she will eat this with no hesitation. I did find out that you need to start slow because I was feeding them a little too much. One dog gets 2 cups a day (55lbs) and the other gets 2 1/2 cups (73lbs) and those are the magic numbers for them. Thanks to Dr Tims help and advice for figuring this out! My black labs love this stuff.

Ron C., Michiganconfused_dog