Functional Ingredients-What are They?

Functional ingredients-what are they?

Functional ingredients are ingredients that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition, such as prebiotic fibers(chicory root to feed the beneficial bacteria of the colon), beneficial probiotic bacteria (BC30 probiotic to help keep a healthy gut microbiome), omega-3 fatty acids (DHA/EPA from wild caught Alaskan salmon for brain, heart, kidney and skin health) and porcine plasma(supplies factors to stimulate the immune system).


Each ingredient we put into a formula has a duty to perform, much like each individual playing an instrument in an orchestra. We want all those 100 seats in our orchestra-or 100% of the diet-to have a purpose and be utilizable by your dog or cat. A lot of thought goes into each recipe that is created and offered as a diet to be fed to your pet. If we wouldn't want it for our pets we would not have it out there for sale.violet