Food for an overweight dog?

Dr. Tim, Do you have a dog food for an overweight dog? We are looking at switching dog foods and feeding our dogs, Alex and Gunner, 3-6 cups a day seems alot, or would I just scale it down to 3 cups?


I don’t believe in diet foods at all and have never seen them work to get weight off of dogs, or cats, for that matter. I really recommend using a high fat diet as the staple but controlling how much food that dog gets. The high fat diet keeps the dog feeling full much, much better than the high fiber, low fat “diet” foods that are marketed for the overweight dog. Those diets are truly marketed towards the consumer-the human consumer, not the dog.

So, if your dog was on Kinesis, we might be talking 1-2 cups per day depending on the activity level of the dog and then you would be seeing weight loss and a dog that was not always begging for more food. Plus a dog with lots more energy and wanting to go for walks due to the fat in the diet making him/her just feel better. Try it and you will see the difference.

Timothy A. Hunt, DVM