Drahtaar takes contest with perfect score

A note from a happy customer and a dog that has been kicking butt in competition:

“My dog, Lucky vom Rainmaker (Deutsch – Drahthaar) was top scoring dog this year (2014) in the prestigious JGV-USA Oberlaender with a perfect score of 196.

This score was the highest score in North America for all HZP Events. The HZP is a test that evaluates the advanced natural abilities of a versatile hunting dog. Most of the dogs who run a HZP are between 10 and 24 months of age. A full HZP (with 5 dogs) will usually last for an entire day. An HZP basically consists of 5 different retrieves accomplished through three phases of judging: searching/pointing, drags, and water work.

I feed Dr. Tim’s Grain Free… to all my 4 Drahthaars including Lucky.

The Sr. Judge described Lucky’s performance that day as, “the finest performance I’ve seen in 40 years!”

Thanks for the great product!” R. McDowell