Dr. Tim's helps out Service Dog Organization for Veterans

"I wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped make it possible to place "Tucker" as a service dog with a veteran through the non profit Operation Mutt 22. Special shout out to Dr. Tim's Pet Food Company, LLC for the amazing dog food, Westley Stoddard, George DeCosta and everyone who donated to make this possible."

"We will have Tucker for a few more months, As we provide basic obedience training, socialization, and of course some bird training, my family and I have fallen in love with this breed!!!" ~M. Strong

"Tucker" is training to become a service dog for a disabled veteran through this non-profit. His current handler, Mark Strong, is providing basic obedience training, socialization and some bird training. In January, he starts intensive therapy training for his future role. We are glad to feed this guy now and later so he can help someone out that has helped us all out.