Dr. Tim's and DCM

Dr. Tim’s is pleased to announce that none our foods are on the FDA’s list of products linked to the heart disease Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs.dogwithfoodbowl

Dr. Tim's has avoided fad diets since we started in 2004. We have focused on proven, well-balanced ingredients, along with careful nutritional fine-tuning and continual testing of our products. Formulation of our diets is done by a board-certified nutritionist and Dr. Tim. We also test each batch of food produced for the amino acid content. Why we do this? For several reasons, but one reason is to make sure the sulfur-containing amino acids (methionine and cysteine) that are converted to taurine (which is the implicated nutrient in DCM cases), are in proper levels. We also add additional taurine to all our foods. Also, the grain free diets we produce are made with 3 different types of carbohydrate sources, so our diets are not overly laden with only one type of carbohydrate and are well balanced. Grain-free diets with only one carbohydrate source seem to be implicated in DCM cases more often than diets with multiple carbohydrate sources. We also consider the fact that we use a high level of animal protein as our protein source (we average 87% of our protein being derived from another animal versus plant based proteins) as another reason our foods benefit your pet.

We at Dr. Tim's are watching this situation closely to stay abreast of any developments and studies being undertaken to better understand why this is happening. We appreciate the many inquiries we have received over the last year asking questions and welcome yours.

Here is a link with more information from the recent FDA news item regarding DCM.