Avalanche Dog Training with Blackhawk Helicopters

Avalanche rescue dog news!

Dr. Tim,
"Thanks a ton for the continued support!! The last month has been very exciting for the pups. Luna, Trigger and Raven just got back from a 4 day Avalanche dog school in Keystone, CO. The school was hosted by C-RAD. C-RAD is the validation group that we all belong to. (https://c-rad.org/) "

"Two weeks prior Luna and Trigger flew on a military Blackhawk helicopter to conduct an avalanche rescue drill with Vail Ski Patrol. It was a tough but great drill and the dogs performed very well. Here are some photos from the helicopter training excursion"

Chris, Michael, David, Amy and the
Beaver Creek Avalanche Rescue Canines

Dr. Tim's donates the food to different avalanche rescue dogs in 4 western states currently. We are glad to help them out!