Why Dr. Tims


As a veterinarian and accomplished musher, Dr. Tim Hunt understood his dogs’ need for a food that promoted stamina, endurance and performance through proper digestion; a food that just made them feel good.


Armed with a cement mixer, a cache of ideas, and an aversion for other kibbled diets on the market, Tim took to his garage in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It was there that he set out to formulate a food that replicated a natural, wild diet for his Alaskan Huskies.


Dr. Tim’s focus has since expanded from his original backyard setup to bring an honest, nutritionally sound food – sourced only from the highest quality ingredients – to every dog.

Why Dr. Tim’s?

  • Our chicken meal is antibiotic free with no added hormones.
  • Dogs and cats flourish on meat based proteins; our proteins are 87% animal derived.
  • Our Omega 3 fatty acids are mainly of ocean fish origin; ocean-derived Omega 3 fatty acids are more effective with dogs and cats than plant-derived Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Dr. Tim’s protein, fat and carbohydrate ingredients are of North American origin – always.
  • Our starch digestibility is 95%.
  • Low ash proteins assure the highest grade of protein is used to benefit your pet.
  • Externally applied probiotics and prebiotics in the diet help your pet’s gastro-intestinal tract healthy – the start of your pet’s immune system.
  • Kinesis All Life Stages Dog Formula is appropriate for large breed puppies.
  • To ensure safety, each batch is tested for salmonella and not released until a confirmed, negative result.

“Basically, the dog’s furnace is meant to run on fat, not carbohydrates or protein. Diets that encourage the opposite are just plain incorrect. Sure, the dog’s body will respond to either type of diet formulation, but it is very easy to see what works and what doesn’t. I don’t formulate a diet based on commodity pricing; I base it on what benefits the dog. Choose wisely for your pet’s sake, as they have no thumbs and can’t open a cupboard and make it themselves.”
– Dr. Tim

Dr. Tim Hunt is a graduate of Michigan State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. He practices at the same companion animal veterinary hospital he opened more than 20 years ago. As an accomplished musher and volunteer race veterinarian in North America and Europe, Dr. Hunt is a staunch advocate for the health and welfare of all animals.

Dr. Tim’s Pet Foods is a family owned and operated company.

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