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Where is your dog food made?

Where is your dog food made? We are concerned with the recent recall of dog food and the various brands that are all made at the same factory. FYI we buy our Dr Tims at Rudy’s feed and seed in Holmen WI. Rod is a great resource for pet owners looking for quality foods. He highly recommends your foods. We are very happy with it and the health of our labrador. Our jack russell likes it too and he is the pickiest eater on earth.


Our food is made at CJ Foods in Nebraska.

Timothy A. Hunt, DVM

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Ellen Moliskey    05.07.12

I am considering switching to your Kinesis All Life Stages Dry Dog Food for my beautiful Boxer girl who is now 4 yrs old. She was born with a low grade heart murmur but is doing very well. I have had her on Wellness Chicken Super5Mix for about 2 years now, and am only looking to switch her for variety sake. I may even keep her on a mix of the two.
I cannot find anyplace where it says your food is ethoxyquin free. I am assuming it is but would like to be certain.
Also I live locally to Marquette, and would like to know where it is available in the 44 lb bag. I can get it at for $63.99 and usually get $10.00 off of that plus free shipping if I work it our right.
Thank you

admin    05.07.12

Hi Ellen;

The food is ethoxyquin free and let me know how the switch goes for you. Lots of snow we have and boxers do like summer.

韓国 tory burch    05.07.12

名古屋 tory burch

admin    05.07.12

Our food is made at Ohio Pet Foods.

Katie    05.07.12

I am considering switching my 2 boxer dogs to either your kinesis or pursuit active dog formula dry food. My 1 1/2 year old male is extremely difficult to keep weight on, in addition to having allergies to beef and turkey. He is currently eating Merrick grain free pork after having lost weight on the Merrick grain free salmon. He does well with chicken or pork based foods. He has sensitive skin & sensitive stomach. He has tried Health Extension original chicken but both dogs had enormous amounts of stool on that diet. They did not like California Natural salmon or Merrick grain free chicken puppy food.
Would you recommend either your kinesis or pursuit over the other for them? My female is 8 months old and healthy. She does not have a problem keeping weight on the way my male does. I would like something that I can feed both of them.

I read through some of the other posts regarding where your foods are made and if they are ethoxyquin free. I was also wondering if your foods are made with ingredients from the USA and if any of the ingredients are imported from other countries. I do not want to feed a food which uses any ingredients from China.

Thank you,


admin    05.07.12

No China ingredients and the protein and starch sources are from North America, as is the fat. I would recc the Kinesis for a boxer of that age as well. Thanks for the email.

Christian Mrosko    05.07.12

I’ve heard that DR. Tim’s dog food is not made at the Ohio Pet Foods facility anymore and I am wondering what manufacturer makes it now?

admin    05.07.12

It is made at CJ Foods in Nebraska now, Chris.

Michele    05.07.12

I have a 7yo Boxer, 6 year old small pittie, 4 yo small pittie and a 3 year old Large Staffy….. all rescues. They do well on Fromm.. however the staffy has gained weight. They are family couch potato, lay by the pool and run around outside for a bit kind of dogs. My Boxer and have sensitive stomaches… I am considering changing… what do you recommend? Can I feed all the same food with your food? Thank you.

Rich Flavin    05.07.12

In light of the legume scare for possibly causing DCM in Goldens which formula of your brands would be a good choice for a Golden pup? I was thinking of the all life stages, however would the 30% protein in the active dog formula be better since the all life’s stages only has 26%.

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