Ohio Dog Cleans up the Awards

“Ali’s Black Dog Gotta Roll JH…call name Zoe, fueled by Dr Tim’s Pursuit. Great product. A big contributor to our success. Many thanks.” Lee Nelson of Ohionelson

Thanks, Lee, for the outstanding photo and being a proud pop. Well deserved.

Yachi Hirai wins World Freestyle Disc Dog Championships

Yachi Hirai and “Vega” won the USDDN World Championships in Freestyle Disc dog recently in Athens,Georgia. Second place was taken by his son, Kosuke Hirai and his dog “Jake”. Thrid place was Dr. Mona Konishi and “Laika”. first

Go Team Momentum! They all feed Momentum along with the great training and it shows.

Dr. Tim wins “America’s Favorite Veterinarian”

America’s Favorite Veterinarian is a nationwide contest created by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) to identify and celebrate extraordinary veterinary professionals practicing in all areas of veterinary medicine from private practice to public health, agriculture to academia. This contest honors and recognizes those entrusted to preserve and protect the health and well-being of animals and to celebrate the special relationships pet owners share with their veterinarians


“I am sincerely taken aback to have been voted America’s Favorite Veterinarian. It’s humbling to think our little community, clients and friends rallied and showed support in a way I just never expected; it’s overwhelming. Being recognized as a veterinarian, in this way, is truly heartwarming and I simply cannot put into words how touched I am by this honor. I would also like to thank my wonderful staff, as without them and our mutual love for animals, none of this would be possible.” Dr. Tim Hunt 2014 winner of America’s Favorite Veterinarian.

Another link to an article is http://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/pets/sns-201409301830–tms–petwrldctnya-a20141001-20141001-column.html

Dr. Tim Nominated for America’s Favorite veterinarian

I am pleased and honored to say that I have been nominated as one of the 20 finalists for the annual “America’s Favorite Veterinarian” contest put on by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. Out of over 700 nominations initially submitted by clients we are now down to one month of voting by people like you to determine the winner.avmf

America’s Favorite Veterinarian is a nationwide contest created by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) to identify and celebrate extraordinary veterinary professionals practicing in all areas of veterinary medicine from private practice to public health, agriculture to academia. This contest honors and recognizes those entrusted to preserve and protect the health and well-being of animals and to celebrate the special relationships pet owners share with their veterinarians.

You can vote daily in this contest and I would greatly appreciate your time in doing so. Please share this with folks that may be interested and thanks again!

I want to also thank my great staff at Bayshore Veterinary Hospital in Marquette as well as I never would have been able to be successful with out their help and fellow love for animals. ~ Dr. Tim


Remember you can vote once a day until the end of August.

RPM Salmon and Pork Grain Free Dog Food now available

RPM pork and salmon grain free dog food is now available through Chewy.comsalmonpork_grainfree_front

RPM Grain Free was developed from our proven performance diet, Momentum Premium Athletic Dog Food. Reformulated as an all life stages formula, RPM Grain Free is a complete, wholesome meal for the dog with sensitivity to grain-based carbohydrates. Pork meal and salmon meal are rich in proteins, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. The highest quality, low ash protein ingredients, along with the right blend of grain free carbohydrates, fats and fibers allow your dog to lead a hale and hearty life – although he may prefer to scale the couch instead of Mt. Everest. Our slow cook method produces a kibble that is extremely digestible, highly palatable and affordable. Prebiotics, externally applied probiotics and natural antioxidants help keep your dog’s immune system strong. To minimize allergic reactions, RPM Grain Free features a novel carbohydrate blend of tapioca, peas and white potatoes. From puppy to patriarch, your dog will thrive on RPM Grain Free All Life Stages Formula.

New Food Available Soon-RPM Salmon and Pork Grain Free

Coming Soon-RPM Salmon and Pork Grain Free Dog Food.

A red meat based diet with salmon and pork as the primary protein ingredients.salmonpork_grainfree_front

Salmon is a leading source of DHA and EPA Omega-3 fatty acids and pork is a rich source of protein, B vitamins, iron and zinc.

Stay tuned as Chewy.com should have it available with in the next few weeks.

Genuine Freeze Dried Treats now available

Genuine Freeze Dried Treats are now available online at Chewy.com, Mares-Z-Doats and Bayshore Veterinary Hospital in Marquette, Michigan.

Just freeze dried USDA inspected meat and that is it. Made and sourced from Wisconsin, USA. Simple as that in these times of serious concern of any treats that originate from China.beefchipsofficialimagebeefliverofficialimagecleantripeofficailimagechickenchipsofficalimageoxtailofficialimageflavorboosterofficialimage

Welcome Yachi Hirai to Team Momentum

We would like to welcome Yachi Hirai of Japan to Team Momentum. Team Momentum is a diverse group of folks that are involved in different aspects of sporting dog events around the world.yachi

Yachi Hirai does disc dog seminars all over the world developing and coaching a lot of players and dogs from beginners to world top level experts. It runs in the family as his 2 sons are famous disc dog players, also.
His training theory is well known as “Yachi’s Method”yachi2

A brief synopsis of his successes;

2012 & 2013 Dog Town Cup Champion (Japanese National Championship)
2013 European Championship Champion
2013 USDDN World Finals Champion
The first disc dog player to accomplish Triple Crown (Asia, Europe, and World Champion)

You can visit his Facebook page; “Yachi Hirai”.

Here is a link to a great youtube.com video of Yachi San. WElcome aboard!


The Itchy Pet

It is the start of the itchy season and I am getting a lot of questions. So, here is an article that we did a few years back that might be very helpful with trying to diagnosis what is causing your dog or cat to scratch.itchy-dog-2

The itchy animal-how to understand what is going on and how to try to fix it. This is an article by Dr Tim that many may find interesting and helpful. Share it with others, please.

The itchy dog or cat.

By far the most common issue I’ve seen over the years as a veterinarian. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind the itching, and how we can best treat these animals.feetitch

First, consider all of the reasons why your dog or cat could be itchy:

Atopy (pollen allergy that is seasonal and makes them itch at their ears, face, groin, armpits, feet or under their tail)

Food allergy (non seasonal itch of ears, feet, around their anus)

Parasites (such as mange, a non seasonal itch anywhere on the body; and fleas, which makes them itchy over the tail head)

Contact allergy (itchy where the animal comes in contact with something)

Hypersensitivities to their own normal skin inhabitants (yeast and bacteria)bellyitch

The most important thing I can do is obtain a very good history from the owner about this itchy issue. Why? Because in order to treat the current problem and anticipate how we are going to prevent further problems, I need to know the following information:

The current age of the animal. Younger animals are more prone to things such as mange versus an older animal. Older animals are more prone to inhalant and food allergies but I have seen many a young dog(under a year) with recurrent ear inflammation that are food allergy induced.

Where does the animal itch? Flea allergies, for instance, are much more likely to cause itching above the tail head versus, let’s say, food allergies in cats that cause them to itch between the eyes. Food allergies and inhalant allergies will cause itching in many similar spots. Inhalant allergies, what we call atopy, are due to pollen. Inhalant allergies cause certain types of cells to become activated and release substances called histamine that lead to itching. These histamine-containing cells are primarily located in the skin of animals, especially certain regions on their bodies(armpits, groin, ears, face,feet, and around the anus); whereas in humans, histamine releasing cells are mainly located in the respiratory tract, nose and eyes.

Which came first, the itch or the scab? Most of these itchy dogs will present with a concurrent bacterial infection of the skin; while this knowledge helps immensely, it requires a very observant owner. An itch will lead to skin infection, but a skin infection can also lead to an itch. The difference is monumental in that primary bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics alone when caught early, whereas the atopy dog needs steroids, antihistamines and fatty acids to treat and prevent their itching.dog_itchy_causes

When did the itching start? Seasonality of the itch is the key to diagnosing an itchy dog or cat. The inhalant allergies from pollen will occur during months when things bloom – easy to realize when you live in the north and have snow that covers the ground for 6 months of the year, but a little more tricky when you don’t have winter. Winter itching would make me consider household dust mites, molds, etc as a culprit. If we have an animal with a year-round, non-seasonal itch, then we start to consider the following: food allergies, hypothyroidism, cushings disease, sensitivities to their own skin inhabitants such as yeast or staph bacteria, and parasites.

How severe is the itch? Severe itching that wakes the owner up at night always makes me consider mange. There are 2 types of mange: 1) Demodectic mange which dogs under one year of age get, and 2) Sarcoptic mange, which is more common with older dogs. Demodectic mange will present with a patchy hair loss pattern and little or no itching. Sarcoptic mange will present with a dog that almost never stops itching and has hair loss. Both are diagnosed with skin scrapings and can be treated by your veterinarian.

Itching that doesn’t wake the owner up still is valid, and I still will do a skin scraping to rule out mange. The level of medication to treat the itch will be dictated by what we find to be the cause of the problem if we are confident that we understand it. One thing to remember with skin issues is that they can require a patient game of CSI to fix the problem – it might take some time on the part of the vet and client to solve the riddle.

What medications have been tried, and what was the result? This can tell me a ton. For instance, food allergies don’t typically respond well to steroids while atopy cases do. Parasite issues often are not helped at all, and can actually worsen with the use of steroids. Primary cases of staph bacteria hypersensitivity will improve with antibiotic use alone.

What food changes have been tried? For many years, my only option with suspected food allergies was the food trial. Dogs and cats, if allergic to their food, are actually allergic to the proteins in the food – be it many proteins or just one protein. So to do a proper food trial, we change the dog or cat to a food with as few proteins as possible and hopefully new proteins that they have never been fed before. All other food items need to be eliminated and a minimum of 2 months is needed to judge whether the food change has made a difference, as it can take that long for the animal to expel all previous food allergens from their former diet. This can sure be a drag to do correctly, and few clients make the 2 months. There are two other options in lieu of the food trial that can be done: 1) Blood tests that detect certain antibodies that are used to correlate exact proteins that lead to allergies, or 2) A skin injection test to find those protein culprits. I have personally have had pretty good luck with the food allergy blood tests and use them regularly.

Has there been any blood work done? Hypothyroidism is a very real problem in certain breeds and can lead to many chronic skin and non-skin issues. One common problem is the itchy dog. Never discount hypothyroidism with a long-term itch that just doesn’t respond well to treatment or continually recurs. Often on first presentation I may test a dog that is itchy for a long period of time, has hair loss and has a thin skin feel to them. Easily treated with thyroid supplementation, it is an easy fix in most instances. Routine blood work would also include liver and kidney function tests, urinalysis and complete blood counts. This could help lead us down the path of Cushing’s Disease, which in a nutshell is an endocrine problem that leads to excessive self-creation of steroids on the part of the animal. These excessive steroids will then cause the immune system to not work well and allow simple scrapes to turn into big infections – and thus an itch. Diagnosed by further testing, Cushing’s can be successfully treated by either trilostane or mitotane.

The itchy dog or cat is not insurmountable. However, they do take patience, a very thorough history, and more patience. Quick fixes are usually just that; a short relief for your dog before the itching recurs. If we want do our best to eliminate and prevent recurrence of that dreaded itch, we need to take our time and do it right.

Welcome Crystal McClaren to Team Momentum

We would to welcome Crstal McClaren to Dr. Tim’s Team Momentum. Here is Crystal describing her dogs and success in Dock Dogs;crystal1

“I have been actively training animals for competition for 17 years. At the age of 15 I began training American Saddlebred horses and in 2002 I began my carrier as a dog trainer. As a Canine Behavioral Specialists I use exercise and competition along with proper diet to put high drive canines to work and keep them out of mischief. My true love is the sport of Dock Diving. We are Team Bo Nose and my rescue dog Bo is the Dock Dogs Iron Dog World Champion.

To date, Bo has set 9 dock diving World Records including Extreme Vertical and Iron Dog. Bo is a true athlete and we work very hard on his conditioning and training. Along with conditioning and training, diet is the most important thing in getting your dog in peak condition. From the time I started feeding Bo Dr. Tim’s Momentum, he has developed muscle & stamina I never knew he had. His endurance and recovery time is remarkable. I truly believe Dr. Tim’s has helped Bo become the #1 Dock Diving Dog in the World. I know Dr. Tim’s Momentum can help your dog become a champion too.”crystal2

Crystal McClaran, Cape Coral, Florida
Trainer/Owner Bo Nose K9 Training