Dr. Tim at the Willow Dog Mushers Symposium in September

In Alaska? Come to the Willow Dog Mushers Association Symposium to be held in Willow the weekend of October 1st. Dr. Tim will be there to discuss nutrition in the sled dog. Lance Mackey will be the featured speaker and will be showcasing the movie about him called “The Great Alone.”nightrun Read More

Cardiomyopathy and the Doberman

There is a disease in some Doberman Pinschers that can be undetected until too late called Occult Cardiomyopathy. Let’s learn a bit about it.
Occult cardiomyopathy (OC) is a slowly progressive heart muscle
disease that results in abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias)
in Doberman pinschers. dobesitting Read More

Diebetes Mellitus and the Dog

Diabetes mellitus (DM) in the dog. What the heck is it.

DM in the dog happens arises when the pancreas gland does not produce enough insulin which is the hormone that allows many tissues of the body to utilize blood sugar. As insulin levels fall the
blood sugar becomes elevated which leads to a myriad of side effects.img_canine_diabetes_signs_en Read More

Dr. Tim’s Sponsoring NAFA Flyball National Championships 2016

Ever heard of Flyball? It is quite a sport that teams of dogs compete in and Dr. Tim’s is actually sponsoring the NAFA (North American Flyball Association) National Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana this year to be held October 7-9th.tmp_9789-nafa-staff-300dpi-516034125-eps Read More

Corn Cobs are not meant for Dogs

Corn cobs can be a serious threat to the health of your dog when eaten. Let’s learn why.corncobdog Read More

Glacier-the new food on the block

Soon, Glacier will be available across the country. Currently available in Alaska.
dog-sledding-in-juneau Read More

Diabetes and the Cat

Diabetes in the cat, something we see all too frequently at the hospital. Can we get ahead of this disease? Yes, we can-it’s all about the weight.duchess Read More

Blastomycosis and your pet

Blastomycosis is a fungal disease that we see about once a month here in Marquette, Michigan and early detection is the key to beating this dreaded disease. Let’s learn a bit about it.Blasto-Infographic-10333-000 Read More

Urinary Incontinence and the Dog

What is urinary incontinence mean for a dog? We see this at the hospital regularly, primarily in older female dogs that are leaving wet spots all over the house where they slept. Let’s learn. Read More

Toxoplasmosis and the pregnant human

Toxoplasmosis is an infection you can get from a microscopic parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. Although the infection generally causes a mild, symptomless illness in people with healthy immune systems, it’s risky during pregnancy because the parasite may infect the placenta and your unborn baby.581996_10200993013486085_2031231723_n Read More