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Which food would you recommend?

I am currently feeding “Wellness for Puppies- Large Breed” to my 7 month old Australian Shepherd mix (45lbs). Which of the Dr.Tim dog food line would you recommend

and how is it different (better?) than what I am feeding right now? Where would I purchase your brand in Northern California?


I would recommend the Kinesis for now and switch to Pursuit later on when that Aussie is really catching the Frisbee. As to differences, Wellness is a fine brand of food. Our lines are using high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, the lowest ash, highest grade protein meals I can source in North America and a slow cook process that really takes the digestibility of the starches into the mid 90% while most companies are happy with an 80% digestibility. I can direct ship but am also trying to locate a distributor on the west coast to handle our foods. One step at a time.

Timothy A. Hunt, DVM

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Jeff A    01.10.11

I breed Deutsch kurzhaars, Females ranging in at 65 pounds males at 80 Would the kinesis fit thier bill as pups? Large Breed?



admin    01.10.11

Kinesis would be the food I would use for that breed of dog and thanks for the email

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