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Which food is right for my dog, and where do I get it?

I have a 2yo lab, field lines, who is highly active and difficult to keep weight on. However, when we had her on a high calorie high protein diet (Evo/Orijen) she had urinary problems and our vet recommended we not go much over 30% protein (if at all) and stick with a low ash product. Which of your formulas would you recommend? My second question is sort of rhetorical- I live in Ohio (Dayton) but am having trouble location your product line, which is ironic given it is made here ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you have any plans to expand your market? Thank you.


I think the Pursuit would do your dog well. 93% of the proteins are from animal sources and animal proteins tend to drive a lower urinary pH. Low urinary pH is not conducive for most bacteria to live and thrive in, so it may help. If your dog has crystal issues, that is a different story.

Try as they deliver to your door for free throughout the United States. Try using FBFAN as a promotion code.

Timothy A. Hunt, DVM

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pam    05.15.12

Dr. Tim: we are getting a Boston terrier pup from a top rated champion breeds late this fall, early winter, this will be our sixth Boston, having owned them since 1997, we lost our last one to CHF last January, as far as feeding goes she recommends royal canine grain free along with nutra vet as a supplement, could you please advise me on your options of the food and supplement, her dogs are screened for everything from head to tail and she has bred out cataracts in her dogs, a big relief for us, as one of our breeder bred Boston’s had them develop at age 15 and one Boston developed a cataracts at age 12, my number is 712-544-2251, and if you could please Do not post my questions to you on your forum, this would be much appreciated. Sincerely,Pam

admin    05.15.12

Pam; I think either the grain free or regular Kinesis would be a good fit for a Boston. As a rule they are pretty healthy dogs with heart issues occasionally happening when they are older. Pretty low maitenance, fun dogs to have around the house. We like them a lot here at the hospital.

Allen DiCicco    05.15.12

I have a 6 month old Boxer lab mix and have read good things about your food which one would be best for him. Thanks ALLEN

admin    05.15.12

I would try the Kinesis grain inclusive all life stages food, Allen. Thank you for your inquiry.

admin    05.15.12

Lisa; All of our foods are available on line through, or As to stores we utilize very few as we are a small company and they are hard to maintain properly. With an active lab like you describe I would recommend the Purstuit Active Dog Food to start off with. Thanks for the inquiry. Dr. Tim

Vince    05.15.12

We have an almost 4 year old 55 lb Aussie that we have been feeding Diamond Lamb & Rice Large Breed since she finished the puppy version. This food was rated pretty good when she was a puppy but I believe there have been changes since the โ€œNaturalsโ€ tag was introduced. The initial good ratings of the food have dropped. Two of the reasons I chose the food besides ratings was that the % Protein was lower (Lucy family dog mostly indoors and does not get exercise of an outdoor dog) and the food size is larger so she actually has to chew the food rather than just swallow it (for teeth etc.).
Items she has that are unknown if related to food are shedding something fierce particularly a couple three times a year, dry drainage from her eyes all the time, running nose most of the time.
Which of your foods would you recommend for our Aussie?


admin    05.15.12

Depending on the activity of the Aussie I would do Pursuit if she is really busy and Kinesis if she is not as zealous as some herding dogs. Hope that helps!

VT    05.15.12

I have a litter of large breed puppies 6 weeks old. Would you recommend Pursuit or Kinesis.

admin    05.15.12

Kinesis would be the food I would recc for that breed of dog. Thanks for the email.

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