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where can I purchase the largest amount of your Kinesis brand?

I have been doing alot of research on 5 star kibble for my labs and like what I see about your ingredients. I wanted to buy online, but didn’t have the heart (or the budget) to pay so much for shipping from dog food direct. Please help, where can I purchase the largest amount of your Kinesis brand for the least amount of shipping or gas mileage? I live in southeastern Ohio and work in northeastern Ohio, so I cover a pretty large area every week during my drive time, but did not see a site close to those areas. I REALLY like your ingredients and trust you as an expert in dog food nutrition just from reading your biography and interviews. I believe my dogs would thrive, not just survive if I fed them your nutritious food. Thank you for caring about the health of my canine family members!


We have a distributor for Ohio now, K and W Distribution. They should be having the food available at many stores in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and beyond in the next few weeks. I believe the Complete Pet Mart is close to you and should be carrying it in a few weeks. Go ask them when! Thank you for your kind comments.

Timothy A. Hunt, DVM

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