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What would you recommend to regulate a dog’s bowels?

I have 2 Havanese dogs (one is 6 years and one is 2.5 years old). The younger dog is having problems with constipation (his stools are small and hard). He does not seem to be in pain and his activity level is normal. What would you recommend giving him to regulate his bowels (it can’t be something I mix in their food since the two boys share the same food bowl). Thanks for your help!


What works great to get a dog regular is canned pumpkin, like what you would use for pumpkin pie. Give about a tablespoon or 2 a day, uncooked, for this Havanese and see if that settles this issue.

Timothy A. Hunt, DVM

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Peggy Gyimesi    05.16.11

I have been using your dog food now for about 3 months with no complaints.
Your right their coats are beautiful a and they love their food.
I know your products are made in the US.
Are you ingredients from the US and do they have growth hormones in them?
I have 3 dogs ages 13 months, 6 and 13 , they are on kinesis all life stages. 2 German shepherds and the older one is a terroir mix. I’m thinking of switching to kinesis grain free formula. Could you please give me your opinion since there is such range in age.
Would appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you

admin    05.16.11

Hi Peggy, the Kinesis grain free would be appropriate for all three at their respective ages. We try to guarantee no hormones and the Kinesis GF should carry that claim as well. Hope this helps and thanks for the kind words.

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