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Too late to correct aggressive behavior?

I have an 8 year old male Cairn Terrier (Spiro is his name) who is a great dog, however… He barks at most dogs that walk by the house and when we’re out walking he can be very aggressive towards other dogs. He is so aggressive, he can be scary. He has been in 2 dog fights (and lost). He loves people though, and is very gentle with them. Is it too late to try to correct this behavior?


First thing to ask is whether he is neutered, if not, get it done to help this out. Second thing is that behavior issues are a problem that takes time and patience. I would start with a Halti type collar/leash that goes around his nose as this conveys some good info directly to the dog as to who is in charge. It isn’t too late to fix this behavior and their is a great resource out there to look into; Patrica McConnell is a great dog behaviorist and she has a website with many books and videos. The other helpful place is for these things.

Good luck and be patient-it is never too late.

Timothy A. Hunt, DVM

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