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Soon to be available; the new Ancient Grain Diets

The Heirloom Ancient Grain based diets with raw chicken and raw fish that will soon be available at along with other locations later in the year.

Why ancient grains? These are plant sources that offer novel proteins that most dogs have never eaten before thus for food allergies this just might be a great food to feed. Not only that but 4 varieties (Spelt, Quinoa, Millet and Chia seeds) of ancient grains to boot. Same grain that was eaten thousands of years ago in Europe or Central and South America so no GMO’s; they have not been genetically modified. Mix in all the phytonutrients and omega fatty acids they offer brings new qualities to a dog food not normally found. And they are in quantities that actually count, not just ingredient label window dressing.

Mix that with that raw chicken along with raw fish, such as sustainable wild caught Alaskan pollock, to increase the digestibility and nutrient availability.

Should be available at in mid to late October to start with and others as we move along.

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