Sonny Lindner

Sonny Lindner, 60, was born in Michigan on Christmas Eve. He came to Alaska in 1970 and attended the University of Alaska at Fairbanks where he graduated in 1972 with a degree in art. In the early 70’s he began mushing and discovered a passion for the sport. Sonny has competed in numerous races and became interested in the Iditarod in 1976 after watching his friends having fun running the race. He was the winner of the first Yukon Quest, finished fourth in the All Alaska Sweepstakes in 2008 and has had several top 5 finishes in a variety of races including the Iditarod.

Sonny is a contractor in the Fairbanks area and has three adult children, Erika, R.T. and Chad , and three young children, Ava, Sarah and Sam. He is also a grandfather. He says, “I enjoy traveling with dogs. I enjoy the Iditarod. It is a good trip for the dogs and musher – good scenery, too!” After 35+ years of mushing, he can easily be considered one of the most respected, experienced and well rounded in the sport.