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puppy plan for the accelerated growth?

Dr. Tim, In the next few weeks I should have our Iron Range Newfoundland from Lark and Mike Hytinen. I knew you were their vet, but was surprised that you are also their pet food source. (The ratings are outstanding.) Can you recommend a puppy plan for the accelerated growth of the NEWF? Also, are supplements (i.e. vitamins) important?


I think supplements are just not a necessity with puppies as long as you have a well thought out food that has large breed considerations. The Kinesis and Pursuit would be the ones for a Newf to grow up on and both have a calcium/phosphorus ratio of 1.3/1, which is in the large breed accepted guidelines. Some breeders like to keep the protein down some to slow growth but I have not seen a problem with a 30% protein puppy food and large breed dogs, in my experience. You are getting one nice puppy, as well. I think the Hytinen’s give birth to these dogs themselves the way they treat them.

Timothy A. Hunt, DVM

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