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Mix breed has Cushings Disease, any advice on diet?

My sister has a mix breed that they suspect has Cushings, any advice on diet etc.?

She takes pills for her allergies and is on a special dog food. They haven’t tested her because of the steroids, any help would be appreciated.


Cushings Disease is a problem that can occur on it’s own or can be induced by the use of steroids for a long period of time. Differentiating between the two primary reasons for Cushings disease being suspected would be where I may start. If the dog has been on steroids for a long time, I would look at withdrawing them slowly and seeing how the dog responds symptomatically to this event. If the symptoms subside, we are on the right track. The steroids are being used to suppress itching, most likely, so a replacement may be needed. Suggestions for that would be antihistamines plus omega 3 fatty acids or another medicine called cyclosporine.

As to diet, I would choose one that has high levels of omega 3 fatty acids and a minimal protein profile in an attempt to minimize food allergies.

Timothy A. Hunt, DVM

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