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Metabolite Lean Dog Food; AKA Dr. Trim

Metabolite Lean Dog Food, AKA Dr.Trim Dog Food; the proof is in the results;

“We always love to share pictures of our pups. Chase is a black-tri Australian Shepherd. He just turned 9. We adopted him when he was 4 and over 90 lbs. He loves to eat and chase anything that moves. We’ve always have to keep a watch on the weight with him. We were so happy that you came out with Metabolite! At his January checkup he was back up to 85 lbs. We gradually switched from Kinesis to Metabolite and he weighed in at 72.6 lbs this week!


He is a large Aussie, but at a much healthier weight now. He loves the food and will lick his bowl to get every morsel.

Sydney, our female red-tri, lives up to her coat color. She’s a fireball of energy. She will be 10 soon. We adopted both of them from a family through Aussie Rescue. We were only looking for one, but couldn’t bear to see them split up. I think the former owners were happy to place them both in the same home. Sydney’s weight has always been around 50 lbs, but with age it started to creep up topping out at 63lbs. She is now down to 55lbs. We live in Appleton, Wis., and drive to Marquette to visit family and Mares z Doats to buy food.” Beth & Jeff L.

Thanks, Beth and Jeff, for sending these pictures and a great story. The food has really been working well and reports have been like the one you shared. Spread the word!
We would love to hear from others as well as to how their dogs are doing on our food so don’t hesitate to share with us. Word of mouth has taken sales of our foods to nearly all 50 states now! Hawaii is a tough one. Thanks.

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