Dr. Tim’s in a Movie!


Dr. Tim’s makes an appearance in the recently released movie called “Please Stand By,” starring Dakota Fanning. It is about a young autistic woman who runs away from her caregiver in order to boldly go and deliver her 500-page Star Trek script to a writing competition in Hollywood. She is also guided by Spock’s spirit. Check it out and live long and prosper.

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Korush Partow wins Eagle River Classic Sled Dog Race

Korush Partow and his team of huskies won the Eagle River Classic Sled Dog Race the first weekend of February. His team of Fusion fed beasts set a fast pace that no others could keep up with.  Congratulations Korush and his amazing team! 

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Dr. Tim’s Wild caught Alaskan Salmon Oil now available


Dr. Tim’s Alasakan Salmon Oil is now available through Chewy.com and several Marquette, Michigan area stores.  

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Dr. Tim’s Paw Pad Protector now Available

Dr. Tim’s Paw Pad Protector is now available at Chewy.com and several other local Marquette stores.  

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ImmuShield now Available

ImmuShield, a hyperimmunized egg product used to boost the health of your dog, is now available through Chewy.com. 

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Dr. Tim’s foods on “Fuller House”

Dr Tim’s on “Fuller House” shown on Netflix? Say it ain’t so! Below is a scene from “Fast Times at Bayview High”, a just released episode.

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Soon to be available; the new Ancient Grain Diets


The Heirloom Ancient Grain based diets with raw chicken and raw fish that will soon be available at Chewy.com along with other locations later in the year. Why ancient grains? These are plant sources that offer novel proteins that most dogs have never eaten before thus for food allergies this just might be a great food to feed. Not only that but 4 varieties (Spelt, Quinoa, Millet and Chia seeds) of ancient grains to boot. Same grain that was eaten thousands of years ago in Europe or Central and South America so no GMO’s; they have not been genetically modified. Mix in all …

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Dr. Tim Keynote Speaker at the Pet Food Forum Research and Development Conferance

Dr. Tim was the keynote speaker at the recent Petfood Research and Development Showcase that was held at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. The topic was “Real nutrition for real working dogs; finding the right source of energy.”

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Kosuke Hirai and “Jake” take first place at USDDN World Championships

Congratulations to Kosuke Hirai of Japan for his recent first place performance at the United States Disc Dog World Championships held outside Atlanta, Georgia last weekend. 2017 USDDN World Champion Kosuke Hirai &”Jake”, Runner up Lucka Plevová & “Megan” and 3rd place Tracy Custer

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