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How much Dr. Tim’s to feed 10 week old lab pup?

How much Dr. Tim’s to feed 10 week old lab pup?


The best way to know how much to feed a pup is to touch them a lot. Make sure there is some cushion over the ribs but you can still feel them. Too ribby means more food. I would guess a 10 week old lab would be in the 3/4 to 1 cup twice a day range. If you are feeding too much the puppy may get soft stools, so you would adjust down somewhat until firm stools occur.

Thanks and good luck with that little monster.

Timothy A. Hunt, DVM

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Jennifer Taylor    06.27.12

I was curious if the Momentum was also for puppies? I am planning to feed my husky puppy this I get him in a few weeks if that is the case. Otherwise, is there a line of puppy food?
Jennifer Taylor

admin    06.27.12

Hi Jen;

Sorry to be so late. I like Pursuit or Kinesis for most lines of dogs as a puppy food

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