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How about dog treats?

Do you have dog treats?


No dog treats yet but would like to do that in the future. We have some great ideas of what to put in them to make them more “functional” and useful for dogs and cats.

Timothy A. Hunt, DVM

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Craig    02.08.12

We have 2 Akitas our first is a almost a year old and the second is 6 months old, activity level goes in burst they will run and play for about half hour a day, and we walk them almost every day. what food would you recommend.

admin    02.08.12

I believe the Pursuit would be best as it has higher levels of fatty acids (omega 3) and also 2 types of zinc. The eastern breeds like Akitas need these extra nutrients, IMO

admin    02.08.12

For an Akita I would look to the Pursuit or the grain free food. A bit higher fat for this type of breed would help with their coat and muscling.

Keith Parker    02.08.12

Chewy says they have Dr. Tim’s dog treats??? Is this an old post??

admin    02.08.12

Coming soon, not just yet. I am guessing Dec.

admin    02.08.12

December for the biscuits, currently have the freeze dried treats available

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