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Fireworks and thunderstorms plus pet

It’s the day of fireworks, July 4th, and many frightened dogs. What to do.

So, pictured here is a simple method that helps some dogs out; the half wrap. This can be made easily with fabric from around the house and what is similar to the idea of a a thundershirt that you can purchase. Somehow this will calm a dog down -the hugging factor is what I call it.

Tranquilizers from your vet help as well. But what I like to remind people is that in these times of fear being comforting and supportive is most helpful and needed, don’t be that hard butt and “let em get through it.” Calm talk, physical touch, treats and petting can go a long ways here. Most just don’t understand(they are a dog, after all) what is happening and it is terrifying. Thunderstorms have barometric changes long ahead of time and dogs can realize that versus fireworks which just start up with no warning.

Veterinary behaviorist Ilana Reisner gives this great recommendation: “Before the fireworks start, cook up an irresistible food such as chicken breast, special meat or salmon cookies, microwave tiny bits of nitrate-free hot dogs, popcorn. Stock a treat bag. Feed one piece at a time to your dog throughout the fireworks to counter condition and distract. If your dog is willing, make a game of it and ask her sit, down, ‘find it’, shake hands and other distracting cues. Freeze a Kong with kibble mixed with baby food. Feed dinner through the toy.”

We sure would like to hear your methods of handling this day to share with all the others that will have their dog running around the house panting or hiding under the bed.

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