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Dr. Tim’s donates truckload of pet food to hurricane relief efforts

Dr. Tim’s is donating a full truckload of dog and cat food to the pets affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. They are anticipating about 15,000 pets by the end of the week in various shelters with that number expected to grow rapidly and all are going to be needing food. The food should arrive by Friday in Houston to help them out. More to come on that as we track the food to see how it helps out the animals now and over the next few months. Quite a disaster as we all have been watching and the need will continue for months after the storm passes.

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Here is how you can help the pets that have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey with a few places where you can donate; This is where our food is heading and are based in Houston

Please help if you can as there are a number of organizations out there for people and animals. Let your friends know where they can donate.

Photo; S Olson/Getty

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