Dr. Tim’s products in many TV shows and movies


From a Dr. Tim’s customer; “You never know where you’ll spot Dr. Tim’s… Like when you can’t sleep so you binge watch #OneMississippi on Amazon! Not a bad show and it has great taste in pet food, LOL” ~K. Smith She is correct, keep watching those movies and TV shows out there as Dr. Tim’s has found it’s way in a few and also look for our posters/signage on walls behind those characters. Here are just a few other shows to mention; “Gypsy” series on Netflix, “Snatched” movie with Amy Schumer, “The Big Bang Theory” series on CBS, “Brockmire” on IFC as …

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Mona Hirai and “Hirabo” take First Place in USDDN European Competition

Congratulations to Team Momentum’s Mona Hirai and “Hirabo” of Japan for recently taking First Place in the USDDN (United States Disc Dog National) European Competition held in Spain. Second place was Shaun Hirai and “Gats” of Japan. Momentum fed dogs that travel the world competing in various Disc Dog events. How much training must go into these guys is just amazing!

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Tidd and “Blue” win another Field Trial

Congratulations to Bill Tidd and his two field trialing dogs. Mother/son weekend at Duluth Retriever Club…Blue won the derby, Breeze took 2nd in the amateur with Bill. Glacier fed beasts.

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Uncooked bread dough and your dog

Uncooked bread dough and your dog-did you know it is potentially toxic? Since my dog ate a loaf off the counter yesterday I thought it wise we spread the word.

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Dr. Tim’s donates truckload of pet food to hurricane relief efforts


Dr. Tim’s is donating a full truckload of dog and cat food to the pets affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. They are anticipating about 15,000 pets by the end of the week in various shelters with that number expected to grow rapidly and all are going to be needing food. The food should arrive by Friday in Houston to help them out. More to come on that as we track the food to see how it helps out the animals now and over the next few months. Quite a disaster as we all have been watching and the need …

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Mitch Seavey wins 2017 Iditarod Sled Dog Race


Mitch Seavey of Sterling, Alaska and a member of Dr. Tim’s Team Momentum, won the 2017 Iditarod.  He also set the overall fastest time for the race and became the oldest person to win the event as well. His time of 8 days, 3 hours, 40 minutes set the new course record and he finished with 11 dogs.mitchteammovingnome2017          Congratulations to Mitch, his dogs and all that are involved in making his victory a possibility. We are proud to be a part of his team.

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Birthday Dogs!


o you have birthday parties for your dogs like these German Shorthair Pointers living the high life in New York? Carly on the left is the birthday girl. Let’s see how many well wishers we can get to like or send a birthday wish. Has to be one of our all time funniest pictures!

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Food to Kennels

How do some people get their Dr. Tim’s? Here is a load of about 3 tons that Brent Sass in Alaska just took into his kennel before the snow came. That is a bit of food some some hard working huskies. We do ship direct to numerous kennels around the country, just ask!

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Dr. Tim’s World Headquarters

For those of you that have never seen the world headquarters of Dr. Tim’s Pet Food and also some of the visitors we get each day at the veterinary hospital located in the same place. The Dr. is a vet but not as old as the building.

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Sporting Labrador Wins Awards

Proud Papa of this pooch just had to share some Christmas Cheer. Here is his Field Champion – Amateur Field Champion “Thieven Satin Breeze”- owned by B. Tidd of Michigan and fueled by Dr Tim’s Glacier Blend Dog Food. What a sporting dog he is!

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