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0 Dock Diving World Championships and Team Bo Nose
Posted on 12.14.2015

Team Bo Nose 2015 Dock Dogs World Championships Event. Read all about the adventures the group encountered.12241786_1109751942375910_7597967895535349360_n read more

0 Rescue dogs “Yayoh” and “Bo Nose” 2015 Dock Diving World Champions!
Posted on 12.04.2015

Her name is Yayoh (yay-yo) and she is a rescue dog.yayohrecord read more

0 Congratulations to Mona Konishi and “Pepper” for winning the 2015 Asian Disc Dog Championships
Posted on 12.04.2015

Congratulations to Mona Konishi and “Pepper” for their recent first place finish in the Asian Disc Dog Championships held in China. Second year in a row they claimed the top position in this highly competitive event.mon1 read more

0 Congratulations to Mona Konishi and “Laika”, 2015 USDDN World Champions!
Posted on 10.19.2015

Congratulations Mona Konishi & “Laika” of Japan as they are the
US Disc Dog National (USDDN) 2015 World Champions!
Way to go Mona and “Laika”-you had the Momentum!mona3 read more

0 Winner of the Pet Photo Contest!
Posted on 09.18.2015

And the winner of the pet photo contest-dog edition-is…
“Remi”, owned by R. Rule of Skandia, Michigan. Congratulations and you have 3 months of free dog food coming your way!
rulepup read more

0 Rabies and your Pet
Posted on 09.18.2015

We often take vaccinations for granted with our pets, especially rabies where folks can get lax with keeping them current. Each state has differences in how long they recognize a rabies vaccination being valid for, for instance Michigan can be up to 3 years while Colorado is 2 years. Main point is to keep them current in case your animal comes in contact with a wild animal that might have rabies as you may not always know they have had an encounter at all.rabidfox read more

0 Nimble Canned Cat Food Now Available
Posted on 09.15.2015

Dr. Tim’s New canned cat food, Nimble, is now available online through Two varieties, Salmon and Chicken Pates, are offered in large cans.

SalmonChicken_1 (2)

0 Dr. Tim interviewed on the Ryan Report
Posted on 06.08.2015

Here is a link to an interview Dr. Tim did recently on the Ryan Report in Marquette, Michigan. Iditarod, being a vet in a small town and how a pet food business was started are all topics in this interesting piece. read more

0 Dog Trainer Confessions
Posted on 06.03.2015

The Black and White sometimes Grey…..Confessions from a dog trainer. Written by Crystal McClaren of Team Momentum.

I think everyone’s perception of a dog trainer is that my dogs are perfect all the time. They never beg for food, jump on people or growl at other dogs. The truth is my dogs do everything that every dog wants to try or attempt to do. Just like humans they have desires, weaknesses, urges, emotions and appetite. So, how in the world do I keep the balance in my home with 13 dogs? Its simple STRUCTURE, CONSISTANCY, EXERCISE and FULLFILMENT (SCEF). read more

0 “Senior” dog diets
Posted on 05.28.2015

Senior dog diets;

Dogs are living longer than ever these days and there are several factors that have influenced this change in the average lifespan of our canine companions. Vaccinations against diseases that were at one time very prevalent and life threatening have allowed many dogs to get past their puppy stages into adulthood. Veterinary care that has advanced along with their human medicine counterparts has led to many diseases being recognized and treated properly. All in all, the largest influence on this is the improvement in nutrition that has been afforded those pets of ours. read more