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0 Mosquitoes carrying away your dog?
Posted on 06.09.2014

Mosquito season is upon us. Clouds of these wonderful insects have arrived and what can we do?mosq

The APCC does not recommend the use of mosquito control products that contain DEET. Dogs and cats are extremely sensitive to DEET and may develop neurological problems if a product formulated with DEET is applied to them.

* Some topical flea and tick control products for dogs such as Frontline and K9 Advantix contain mosquito repellent. I find Activyl to work very well on my dogs.

* Avoid using pest control products with concentrated essential oils such as tea tree, pennyroyal and d-limonine. These concentrates have caused weakness, paralysis, liver problems and seizures in pets, plus their effectiveness is not proven.

One of the more effective natural mosquito repellents Repel Lemon Eucalyptus.

A repellent called Bite Blocker ranks second. And don’t forget Skin So Soft as an option.

Do you have any good remedies? Please share them with us. And remember, cats are not little dogs and products that are safe for dogs are often fatal when used on a cat so be safe before applying to your feline friend.

0 The amazing “Seeker”
Posted on 06.09.2014

This is Seeker playing “Fetch-It” for the first time at an Ultimate Air Dogs event this past weekend. It’s similar to extreme vertical, except the the bumper is kept at a set height and is moved out horizontally over the pool in 1 foot increments. EV keeps it 8 feet out, but moves it up vertically in 2 inch increments starting at 4’6″.seekerult

0 Why is a food for an active dog different?
Posted on 06.09.2014

People often ask what is the difference in a food formulated for an active dog versus a dog that may be more stay at home orientated. With activity, dogs tend to have a gastrointestinal tract that could expedite movement of the food through its lumen, or the inside of the GI tract. read more

0 “Chip” and Scott Townsend take second out of 126 dogs at UKC
Posted on 06.09.2014

Congratulations to Scott Townsend and his trusted dog “Chip.”

From Scott, one of our Team Momentum members;:

“Chip and I managed to make it through a field of 126 dogs to get to the finals of the UKC Performance Classic on Saturday in Waverly, Nebraska. I am amazed with this dogs drive and desire to play the game. read more

0 Genuine Freeze Dried Treats now available!
Posted on 06.09.2014

Store owners take note. We can ship direct in case sizing of our new Genuine Freeze Dried Treat line to your location. Drop us a line and we can get that arranged. USDA inspected meat that is just freeze dried and nothing else. All from Wisconsin. read more

0 Tony Browning takes 2nd Place in the Kobuk 440
Posted on 04.15.2014

Congratulations to Tony Browning for finishing 2nd in the Kobuk 440 this past weekend. This is a 440 mile race that begins and ends in Kotzubue, Alaska. tony read more

0 Julie Bloch victorious in Switzerland
Posted on 03.27.2014

Pictured is Julie Bloch of France on her way to victory last weekend in Splugen, Switzerland in a recent sprint race. That Momentum does seem to make them float! Congratulations.juliesplugen

0 Mike Christman and “Ridge” rule the ski jour races
Posted on 03.27.2014

From Mike and “Ridge”;

“We did a 5k race up in Minocqua, Wisconsin at Minocqua winter park. We took 1st with a time of 9 min and 18 seconds. We sure had the Momentum again this year winning every one dog and two dog race we did! 6 weekends in a row of racing 7 races this year.mikeridewhop read more

0 Momentum feeds top 4 of 5 Iditarod finishers
Posted on 03.27.2014

Four of the top 5 fishers in this years Iditarod had the momentum by feeding Momentum.

A total of 7 of the Top 13 finishers were feeding Momentum this year.Dallas Seavey won the race, Mitch Seavey took 3rd, Joar Leifseth Ulsom took 4th, Sonny Lindner 5th,Aaron Burmeister took 10th, Mike Williams Jr took 11th and Pete Kaiser 13th.mitchdogs read more

0 Zach and Zada Maruskie victorious in Junior Races
Posted on 03.27.2014

Meanwhile on the Junior circuit in Alaska;

Congratulations to Zach and Zada Maruskie at the Junior Eagle River Classic last weekend. Zach was 1st in the 5 dog class with 4 dogs while sister Zada was 1st in the 7 dog class with 6 dogs.kidrunning read more