Is your dog food good for a diabetic dog?


Is your dog food good for a diabetic dog? I had him on w/d and he won’t eat it…therefore no insulin shot. I Need something good and healthy that he will eat, and doesn’t have to be a prescription dog food.

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How much Dr. Tim’s to feed 10 week old lab pup?

How much Dr. Tim’s to feed 10 week old lab pup? Andrea

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Which food is right for my dog, and where do I get it?


I have a 2yo lab, field lines, who is highly active and difficult to keep weight on. However, when we had her on a high calorie high protein diet (Evo/Orijen) she had urinary problems and our vet recommended we not go much over 30% protein (if at all) and stick with a low ash product.

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Where is your dog food made?


Where is your dog food made? We are concerned with the recent recall of dog food and the various brands that are all made at the same factory.

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Switching dog food, what process or timeline do you recommend?


My family is going to have an 8 week old golden retriever puppy join our home in a couple of weeks. I am planning on transitioning her from the current food she is on (Purina puppy chow) to a higher quality dog food.

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How about dog treats?


Do you have dog treats?

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Chase as an alternative to prescription brands?


I work in a pet store and we learn as much about the choices so we can help our customers choose the best food for their pets, and lately Dr Tim’s has become of the ones we feel confident about recommending to our customers. I have a question for you.

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Do grapes cause problems with dogs?

I have been looking for a nutritional dog food or supplement for my 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier. Everything that I find lately, has garlic powder and or Oregon Grape Root in the ingredient list. I have always heard dogs shouldn’t have garlic, nor should they ever eat grapes. Is Oregon Grape Root in the grape family?

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Itching to Learn about Allergies?


The itchy dog or cat; by far the most common issue I’ve seen over the years as a veterinarian, so let’s take a look at the reasons behind the itching and how we can best treat these animals.

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Dr. Tim’s Thoughts on Specific Life Stage Diets


Do older dogs and cats have nutritional needs that differ from younger dogs and cats, as a general rule? I don’t believe so.

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