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Can we order from you direct?

We received a trial/sample pouch of dog food in the mail today. Our 14 year old australian Sheppard is VERY finicky with dry dog food. We also have a 5lb Maltese. The australian gobbled up the hard food with 8 morsels remaining in the dish.
I noticed that there are no retail centers or anything in Georgia for us to go to and buy this food. Can we order it from you and have it shipped to us. Naturally I understand if we need to pay shipping. I would also love to give a sample or two to my Veterinarian.
Thank you so much.


I am glad your finicky eater liked the food! We are working hard to get distributors to handle our food in different parts of the country and it does take some time. With results like you describe, those stores will eventually take note and we will have it available in local retail outlets. I will follow up directly with you regarding direct shipment. Thanks a lot!

Timothy A. Hunt, DVM

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