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Any brochures or samples you could donate for our open house?

Our community is opening a new shelter for unwanted and stray pets. Do you have any brochures, literature, samples you could donate for our open house?

Our town needs responsible pet owners and we are trying to educate them on behavioral, nutrition, and well being for their pets. Thank you.


Please let me know where you are located and I can look at sending something to you. We donate 100% of all the dog (and soon to be cat) food to the county shelters by us and are always considering other possibilities to help out. Thanks for your help with those critters.

Timothy A. Hunt, DVM

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Lisa Viering    01.14.11

I would like to try a free sample of your dog food, but couldn’t locate one on your website. Is there one available??

Thank You

Debra Gordon    01.14.11

I run a small pet shelter for cats and dogs. i currently have 8 cats, 2 puppies and 2 ferrets in my care. any ideas on cutting cost or finding free stuff to help care for them

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